Oracle Software Development Service

Oracle Software Development

Oracle RightNow is a customer relationship management (CRM) software mostly used by enterprise organizations. It captures a 360-degree view of every customer in a dynamic and unified agent desktop. Oracle RightNow’s innovative approach is driven by automation, knowledge, and evolving customer interaction channels. It simplifies services for the customers as well as service administrators. It also delivers measurable business impacts across all industries as it helps differentiate an organization’s service experience.


At Sonic JellyBean, we drive continuous improvement through programs that increase brand loyalty and service quality. We recommend Oracle RightNow to our customers because its cloud service is fully integrated and offers a class feedback management software solution that lessens your work of gathering customers’ information. It does all this in real-time across all networks, contact centers, and social media. Here are RightNow features that help in handling data easily and fast.

  • One-Click Docker Image – It has a downloaded docker image that is a Hybrid Data Pipeline server to enable you to create and deploy Sonic JellyBean offerings.
  • Lightweight Data Gateway – This feature lets you securely access on-premises data behind the firewall using our patented on-premises connectivity technology. Of which it can be deployed in the DMZ or behind the corporate firewall. No more complex reverse proxy configuration, VPN setup, or SSH tunneling.
  • Horizontal Scalability – You can scale by deploying multiple nodes behind a load balancer, which provides administrators with the ability to increase capacity on the fly. The product can seamlessly integrate with AWS balance and load balancer.
  • Universal Connectivity – It encompasses broadband that is readily available, accessible, relevant, and affordable. You get real-time connectivity to the latest digital strategies like Big Data, SQL, and SaaS.
  • Support For Generic JDBC Driver (Beta) – The feature allows you to keep up with the demand for data new sources. You can plug in your JDBC driver into the Hybrid Data Pipeline for your organization.
  • Secure – The Oracle RightNow offers protection for sensitive data elements by encryption for all customers. Sonic JellyBean encryption algorithms can be made FIPS-140 compliant using the FIPS compliance mode.
  • OAuth 2.0 and Other Authentication Systems – RightNow supports OAuth 2.0 and other basic authentication. It enables enterprises to verify users against the in-house authentication systems using supported external authentications mechanisms. The enterprise has multiple users to map on one Hybrid Data Pipeline user to access data sources.
  • Throttling – It regulates API allowing administrators to limit rows that can be returned for ODBC, ODATA, and JDBC requests. An error comes up if the application gets more rows beyond the limit.

Sonic JellyBean’s Oracle RightNow Capabilities

Customer Service

Sonic JellyBean customer service is a highly interactive and customized experience to let customers engage with your business on their terms through online or mobile devices. The customers can navigate freely by leveraging a dynamic knowledge base, peer-based community, web pages, or Facebook pages hence reducing the operational costs. More organizations can interact in automated service via chatbots or virtual assistants. With our services, be sure to eliminate customers’ uncertainty and exceed their expectations.

Knowledge Management

The sonic JellyBean Oracle RightNow’s knowledge management provides a fully integrated cloud management solution that delivers a seamless experience in all channels. Including social networks, contact centers, and self-service. We ensure that customer loyalty and organizational efficiencies are increased across the board.

Cross-channel Contact Center

Our Sonic JellyBean contact center for Oracle RightNow ensures all organizations are empowered to offer consistent, proactive, and immediate services to numerous channels. We do this by bringing together all interactions from customers in either a mobile application or a desktop. The agent desktop is dynamically delivered according to role or brand that includes relevant information like orders, commerce data, and billing.

Policy Automation

It is at Sonic JellyBean Oracle Software Development Service that we have the smartest advice for policy automation. Intelligent advice gives enterprises the power to provide a more custom and more productive interaction with customers. With our policy automation, you can easily automate your business process, regulations, and policies. In return, you can deliver customized experiences that will increase transparency and compliance.

Why Partner With Sonic Jellybean

  • If you are looking forward to fixing your knowledge foundation for your organization, at Sonic JellyBean, we have the RightNow answers. Knowledge foundation enables you to serve relevant information to different users, through interfaces and respective contact centers.
  • Sonic JellyBean will help you in search results limiting. By limit, we mean getting the exact effects on limited pages. There is a time when you search on your browser and get lots of pages with irrelevant information. Our search result limiting with Oracle Software Development Service should limit the search results to a few relevant results.
  • Oracle RightNow uses your keywords as a text file to improve to boost your searches. When one puts key phrases into the search tab, it will automatically answer based on the term used. However, with Sonic JellyBean Oracle Software Development Service, your keyword is monitored and added to the text’s common synonyms in the file manager of your configuration settings.
  • Sonic JellyBean allows smart assistance auto tuners in all your interfaces. The feature continually learns answer relevancy and automatically makes adjustments. It will only take a one-click in the configuration settings to get a lot of weightings under your current search configuration. Every other week a new data point is collected for the search relevancy.
  • Finally, if your Operating System agents are not using the search features within the console, contact us at Sonic JellyBean. With us, you will get to see the productivity benefits available on your platform. We are always open to help you achieve the best solutions for your organization.