Microsoft Dynamics

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Do you want to deploy Microsoft Dynamics and Sharepoint solutions to meet your business objectives? Well, you are in the right place. At Sonic JellyBean, we have been delivering digital solutions over the past fifteen years. We take our pride in changing your way of doing business. Make a positive impact by implementing a new or existing system to support your business goals.

Microsoft Dynamics Overview

Microsoft Dynamics is a software application that offers different CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and small and large business solutions. Recently, Dynamics has gained popularity, especially with the purchase of LinkedIn. It mainly focuses on industries like manufacturing, retail, financial services, and the public sector.

Microsoft Dynamics’ work is to record and store all information related to customer interactions. It collects all the data on the internet for you to use in your business. The information is from customer data, which is used to improve sales, customer retention, and relations. You can choose to look at your data in charts, views, web pages, and external web resources.

Above all, Microsoft Dynamics system enables you to make better decisions for your business in real-time. Its involvement in the technology organization, automation, and sales synchronization allows you to log I automatically and view a customized dashboard. It is, therefore, a perfect solution for your business regardless of its type and size.

Microsoft Sharepoint Overview

Microsoft SharePoint is a Microsoft-developed collaboration tool and document management. With it, you are armed with a solution for teamwork that can happen at any time and anywhere securely. It is made up of many different sets of technologies that integrate document management with office 365.

SharePoint’s primary purpose is to store your records more effectively than a folder system. It is also used by the company internally to organize its members and send them critical data relevant to the business. It enables you to manage records, support custom metadata, and business workflows. All that is accessible remotely via your internet connection.

If Sonic JellyBean deployed a Sharepoint solution for you, you will be able to manage archives, documents, reports, and administrative processes. The main focus for SharePoint is on Enterprise Content Management, which allows it to use cases that can be found in any department within an organization. The main advantage of having Sharepoint is that you can automate your time-consuming administrative processes and increase your term’s ability to collabor

Microsoft Dynamics Integration with Sharepoint

Both Microsoft Dynamics and Sharepoint are well known for their excellent solutions and powerful features. Sonic JellyBean has used such solutions for most business owners to meet their business objectives, promote their business growth, and streamline operations.

However, among all the tools of Office 365, Sharepoint is one of the most potent yet underutilized tools. Besides, most organizations are using the Dynamics and Sharepoint systems as independents. They are not aware of Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics Integration. The Integration of both solutions offers numerous advantages, no matter the size of the business.

The significant advantage of integrating Microsoft Dynamics with Sharepoint is saving on extra licensing costs. The reason behind it is that data and information can be stored in Dynamics and get viewed using the Sharepoint platform. The end users can see, manage, and share data easily.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics and Sharepoint Integration by Sonic Jellybean

Microsoft Dynamics has the most robust feature when integrated with Sharepoint. They effectively manage documents and are version controlled. In this technology era, people no longer create folders for customers manually and spend a vast amount of time navigating file paths. Let Sonic JellyBean have your Microsoft Dynamics and Sharepoint Integrated to do the hard work for you. Here are some of the benefits you will get after the Integration.

  • Enhanced Team Collaboration – the great vital benefit of integrating Dynamics and Sharepoint is team collaboration improvement. The users are now capable of maintaining and sharing the documents quickly in a natural way.
  • Improved Security for Data – with Integration, without switching systems, users can view, update, or share documents.
  • Easy Management of Documents – SharePoint is mostly used by businesses to manage documents. If integrated, one can monitor, share, update, and control much more comfortably.
  • Customization out-of-the-Box – is important as it allows users to configure websites and offer custom content.
  • Quick Linking – both tools integrated allows the users to link specific documents with other businesses such as marketing, sales, and case studies.
  • Customer Coverage and ROI Increase – both tools integration allows you to provide more and more effective service to your customers. The customers have direct access to your business information and products. Hence, an increase in investment return.
  • Single Location Accessibility – your team can work on a single location, improving the management of content, the group’s performance, and location accessibility.

Why Partner with Sonic Jellybean for
Microsoft Dynamics and Sharepoint

Sonic JellyBean is Microsoft Dynamics and Sharepoint solution specialists. We create products and offer services that assist the organizations in building intranets that work. Our products solve your entire work problems in a big way and save you time and effort for your general activities in your business.

With our expertise, we can integrate Microsoft Dynamics with Sharepoint with other widely used business solutions. Including email, social media, ERP, and CRM. Our primary goal is to offer the highest quality application that is powerful, easy to navigate, and designed as per customer’s requirement.

We not only fix your computer solutions, but we also make your IT systems better. This ensures your business is not held back. This belief goes along with dynamics and SharePoint services. We take our time to understand your business needs and goals. Mainly because we want to provide effective cloud-based solutions to support you succeed.

Sonic JellyBean offers extensive Microsoft Dynamics and Sharepoint Development, integration, consultation, and maintenance services. To assist the world, enterprises enhance their business efficiency and serve their users better. Would you like us to develop your business solutions? Get in touch. We are always there for you.