Advanced IT Solutions For Mid-Sized Businesses

Facilitate Mid-sized Business With Advanced Software Solutions

We know the mid-sized businesses’ needs and so created customized software. Sonic JellyBean offer Mid Sized Business Application Development can automate operations, decrease costs, and heighten translucency.

Various IT Services for Mid-sized Businesses

Sonic JellyBean provides custom software applications that can automate processes and can induce significant ROI for your enterprise. Sonic JellyBean helps to increase efficiency and renders better accountability. IT services for small businesses can help them grow.

Smart Inventory Solutions

Sonic JellyBean delivers smart inventory solutions by creating custom software applications – Custom applications can automate processes, making the business process more effective and smooth.

Effective Customer Approach

We help you create a platform where you can build a transparent relationship with your customers because keeping customers satisfied is the major step towards the success of any business.

One-Stop Payments Solutions

Everyone looks for a convenient and less sophisticated process when it comes to making payments. Centralize your third-party payment processes into one software application.

Advanced Employee Tools

Sonic JellyBean is dedicated to making your business efficient and less complicated and so the team creates a single sign-in system for your employees for better connectivity.

Third-party apps integration

Sonic JellyBean provides third party apps integration service along with cloud solutions for mid-sized business to make more advances and facilitate processes.

Customer Feedback

No business can grow if they ignore their customer’s demands, complaints and so have a follow-up with an integrated feedback application. Listen, improve, deliver – should be your dictum.

Understand Your Business Better

Get easy access to all kinds of data you require in just a few simple clicks. Sonic JellyBean helps you to make decisive and actionable decisions that work in the favor of your business.

Regulate Employee’s Time

Sonic JellyBean gives you a better application that will automate your worker time management. With our application, you can streamline your resources, enhance accountability, and heighten transparency.

Manage Orders & Shipping

With smart tailored applications you can give away your slow process with customer orders and shipping. Workers can supervise the hassle-free process from anywhere and anytime.

Dashboard Functionality

Our custom dashboard system you can log in anytime and from anywhere – giving you better accountability. Designed particularly to make it easy for you to manage your business.

Implement CRM for Business

Sonic JellyBean with its relentless efforts to make your business a success delivers CRM- making your business management process more smooth and effective.

Custom Automation Solutions

With a custom automation solution, you can accelerate your business process and enhance its management. We provide enhanced IT support services for mid-Sized businesses.

Growth Opportunities

Whether you are looking for locations, employing workers, or broadening your customer footing? A custom system can accelerate and reinforce that expansion, developing extensive resources.

Boost Your Business Growth With US

Our specialists will supervise you through every aspect of building a custom software solution. Our team is very particular about the deadline and on-time delivery and within the set budget, and our prime focus is building value for customers. While designing custom software :


Sonic JellyBean is very particular about delivering refined and effective custom software solutions and so we begin our process by first getting into details about the business.

Creative Design

We have a team of engineers experts in UI/UX Design Interfaces – they design software that is visually appealing and provides a unique texture to the business also to make it simple and more convenient to use.


The team begins creating your improved system. This phase is organized and regulated by a specialist team of software developers, QA engineers to make it efficient and better.


Sonic JellyBean to stand out and make its solution more effective delivers third party apps integration. The team takes care of seamlessly integrating it with prevailing strategies.


We have a team with adequate experience and expert engineers who make your midsize business more scalable and flexible to adapt to the changing times.


We promote smart assistance and enhanced security for customers’ convenience – we keep our software updated to keep it aligned with the changing needs of our customers.

Why Choose Sonic JellyBean?

  • We have a perfect blend of teams that are dedicated to making the most out of the given resources. They hold valuable knowledge and expertise in solving problems.
  • We have a simple business model that makes it easy for customers to use it and also provides an effective management process for mid-sized businesses.
  • There is no hidden charge, every project has detailed pricing to avoid confusion and build reliable business connections. We build a transparent relationship with our customers.
  • We have selected each worker to coordinate with our customer-oriented environment. We’re here to deliver top-quality custom software and service to expand value for our customers.
Mid Sized Business Application Development