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Business Solutions

Our team of software developers builds scalable yet efficient software solutions in various business verticals right from healthcare to education to finance to the energy sector to enhance business progress

Healthcare Software Development Solutions

Healthcare Software Development

Our strong expertise in developing bespoke healthcare CRM software systems let us improve efficiencies through automated workflows that add value to health management and patient care. Having the expertise to work with various healthcare providers enabled us to impart software solutions that streamline operations, efficiently manage records, and increase patient’s accessibility to healthcare professionals. Our medical software is designed with healthcare providers in mind, and is focused on making access to patient information as easy as possible.

  • Custom Software Product Development
  • End-to-End Product Management
  • Agile Methodology
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Custom Construction

As a leading construction management software company, we deliver end-to-end business solutions to the construction sector. With the specifics and challenges of the construction business in mind, our software team puts efforts to add true value to your construction business. Our custom construction software solutions optimizes your company’s structure and entire workflow.

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Empowering Education

Digital learning has become a new norm in the age of technological advancement. Sonic Jelly Bean has been playing a crucial role by providing efficient learning management software solutions. Our developers understand the needs of learning institutions, thereby creating Custom applications to achieve e-learning in the best possible way.

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Custom Energy Software Development

Despite the accessibility of off-the-shelf software available to streamline operations in the energy sector, their minimal integration capabilities ease off the overall experience. Oppositely, the custom software solution is built specifically to operate with flexibility. No matter what energy sector your industry belongs to, our team of energy software developers creates cutting-edge software for the energy sector to streamline operations to cater to the technical needs of the energy and utility industry.

  • Bespoke Web Apps
  • User-Friendly Mobile Apps
  • App Support & Maintenance
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Custom Energy Software Development Solutions

Mid-Sized Businesses

Developing bespoke software creates outstanding value and efficiency that accomplish your business objectives. We simply listen to your ideas and create bespoke software that fits with your business operations. With the implementation of cutting-edge technologies, we leverage your existing resources or develop software right from the outset.

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Fintech Solutions

To make your financial operations streamlined, we combine our fintech software development expertise with leading-edge technologies that deliver performance-oriented fintech products. Be it custom fintech development, fintech mobile app development, or any digital banking solution, we are ready to build an effective financial software solution for your business.

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Hire a Dedicated Resource

Hire a dedicated resource group of tech pros who are ready to focus on your project solely and completely. Our expert team of designers, developers, and managers can work as your extended team.

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