Data Warehousing Services

Data Warehousing Solutions that Deliver Tangible Business Results

In the world of the digital economy, data has become a key pillar that underpins digital transformation across all sectors. Efficient data management is essential to reduce the risk related to data processing and provide precise data to people and organizations.

Businesses need to empower their employees and customers with real-time information. Whether you want to increase customer engagement, optimise your workflows, or boost employee performance, data is the key.

We at Sonic JellyBean solve these challenges. Our dedicated Data Management Consultant team has expertise with the unique tools and skills required to deliver operational data warehouse solutions, tailored to your business needs.

Data Warehousing Services

Our Data Warehousing Services

Data Warehouse Consulting

Data Warehouses are the centralised depository of integrated data which is usually used for data analysis and reporting. Our Data Management Consultant can assist you in managing and leveraging your enterprise data by providing scalable and robust architectural environments to ensure growth in a variety of data types, volume of data, and velocity of data. Overall, our full suite of data warehouse consulting services includes data standardization, data profiling, data transformation, and integration.

Data Warehouse Development

Sonic JellyBean is a valued name in the market when it comes to providing quality data warehousing development solutions for all your data requirements. The Data Warehousing Developer team is reliable and can manage complex raw data procured from multiple sources at the same time. Being one of the experienced data warehousing service providers, we evaluate the existing state of your organization’s data architecture and implement a relevant tool to ensure that the information is accurate.

Data Warehouse Migration

Our data warehouse management consultants have vast experience in migrating data warehouses across multiple platforms and cloud providers. Be it Oracle to Presto, MySQL to Oracle, SQL to Redshift, or anything in between, our team has performed successful migrations. We use our experience to help you quickly transit your old data to the new warehouse. From system migrations to Think databases, to automated data quality, to reporting, we do everything we can to deliver measurable outcomes.

Data Warehouse Implementation

Whether you want to build a new on-premise data warehouse, cloud data warehouse, or hybrid, or seek improvement over the existing one, Our data warehousing implementation team can help you harness the power of your data, and transform it to provide you with actionable insights into your organization’s operations. Our certified data management consultant also assists in transition using leading platforms such as Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse, AWS Amazon Redshift, Cloudera, and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, to name a few.

Data Federation

Data federation, a subset of data virtualization, enables multiple databases to function as one. If you are facing challenges in managing your data effectively, the Data Federation process can solve problems associated with raw data and save you time and money. Sonic JellyBean can help with data federation, and provide high-performance data integration across a wide range of enterprise solutions, cloud, big data, and unorganised data sources. This is how we allow clients to gain significant agility in their business.

Data Transformation

Data transformation enables organisations to adjust the structure of their data as required. We help you automate the process of gathering, compressing, and transferring data so that the data can be well analysed to obtain consistent insights. We work with a range of data integration partners, and allow users to either transform data after loading (ELT) or extract, transform, and load (ETL). At Sonic Jelly Bean, we leverage the potential of modern cloud data warehouses such as Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, and Microsoft Azure Synapse, to transform multiple data sources into significant insights with speed.

How can Sonic JellyBean help you with data warehouseing?

  • Data Consistency

    Since the data warehouse gathers information efficiently and accurately, it assists businesses in taking strong decisions.

  • Greater ROI

    ROI is a useful decision-making tool in data warehousing services that helps businesses generate revenue while streamlining critical operations.

  • Expert’s Team

    Our data warehouse consultant team has expertise in different industries and is capable of understanding client requirements.

  • Decision Making

    Our data warehouse solution improves speed and efficiency of access to multiple data sets, thereby helping businesses make better decisions.

  • Consulting Services

    From data warehouse research to implementation to support, our data warehousing Services help you get the maximum value from your data.

  • Maintain Historical Data Securely

    We store our customer data securely that help businesses in making future predictions based on historical data.

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